Now You See Me

I don’t know why but I feel like writing about the recent movie that I have seen. Another boring weekend I decided to explore the movies and watch something that worth watching. From the looks and the trailer, the movie “ now you see me “ grabbed my attention so I  didn’t bother much and  decided to sit for it with my friends. Since im a big fan of movies I always like to talk about them . Anyways , not to miss I have to say that I am definitely putting this movie under my top favorite ones. The story sounded so shocking specially the ending. For those who still dint have the time or the opportunity to see it , it’s a must , do not forget , never judge a book by its cover . I LOVED IT A LOT!. The story is about 4 magicians that are brought together with their sick and genius magic’s and tricks in to performance. The story is complicated and contains a lot of details which is only fun when your watching it , so im not going to talk about it ,however right after watching it , i started to do some researches about peoples views and perspectives . The movie really got me that is why I was curious to see others peoples response. The results were a mix of everything. Some liked it some dint . The movie tend to leave so many unanswered questions at the end but this is what I liked the most about it . Nowadays the movies are so obvious and fake. This movie really gave me another feeling. The rating was also not that high as I expected but this still doesn’t stop it from being a good movie. I can list you 100 movies are not that famous but they are definitely amazing movies.


Tumbrl love

What some people would really be doing if networking sites such as Tumbrl did not of the most popular and demanding website after Facebook can definitely be tumbrl. People can follow each other, post multimedia, blogs and interact in an significant form. Kindly after the development of the website on 2006, most people would use the site just to post usual blogs and comments for each other, however, in nowadays it meant a big change for people across the world. The website was able to receive more than 130 billion views in 2013 and what is more interesting is that tumbrl is not considered as just a normal blog site anymore. The website was successful in building a lot of fans daily. It is weird to say but one of the effects that this site had on people was their taste in fashion. by introduction of tumbrl , more and more people got involved in sharing their lifestyles , tastes, fashion between people. Soon, the theme “ tumbrl fashion” tumbrl girl” got popular in such level that people used to shop according to the pictures posted in the site. Tumbrl often carried specific types of theme or pictures compared to other website. The pictures that people tend to post has an causal, really in fashion theme moreover it also encouraged peoples perspectives in artistic pictures. Most of the tumbrl blogs are really artistic form of art that the overall percentage is quite higher than anywhere most cases the best bloggers or the person gets famous better known as “ tumbrl famous” either for its outstanding photography, self-shoots, or creativity in its blogs.the whole concept of the development and the improvement of tumbrl is bizzare and in another word fascinating. I am a big fan of tumbrl myself. It is also a good source of an entertainment for both blogger and the reader . the website has an amazing combination of artistic ideas .

Enter The Void

Have you watched a movie that made you felt sick and weird after it ? well if you did not  , you should definitely watch ‘Enter The Void’.A French movie directed by Gasper Noe released on 2009. I am definitely sure that it is just not me that feels the same about this movie. Everything related to it differs from any other movies you have seen. Well my point is not that it is a bad movie where as I suggest people to watch. You might not just understand the movie by watching it once because it is those kinds of movie that the more you watch , the more it gets you . It is a really extreme and crazy movie about the guy’s life and his involvement in the drug better known as DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) and acid. The movie shows the effect that each drug tend to have on a person. For example, one common effect of DMT drug is hallucination, psychedelic experiences including seeing visual, colorful objects that is shown perfectly inside the movie. it is difficult to describe what ,how and why is this movie so special because it has a lot of features that can only be understanding through seeing it .the production process behind this movie is surprisingly unique. I still know many people that find this movie as a trash but this doesn’t really matter. a good movie Is good no matter what people might think it is . I am a big fan of movies and I pay attention to many little things rather than having a good-looking actress/actors for their look and not their play. This mind-blowing movie can change people’s perception in life if only they are able to find the underlying meaning behind it. This movie is not a normal drug movie that tryis to scare of stop people from the habit but it has a very good conclusion at the end that may people are fail to understand it.


The post that I am writing today may sound as boring as the title looks like, I know every person in this life will get bored at some point in their life in many situations. It is just so annoying. I remember through out of my school life all I did was to nag about anything regarding school. Whether it was a homework, exam, and going to class or even break time. All I ever wanted was for the bell to ring and get home as fast as I can. Unfortunately this wish of mine was only helpful for the first 2 or 3 weeks of summer! Even summer used to make me bored but this was currently the same thing for my friends as well. I mean there are plenty of things to do when you’re bored but it’s just that you either don’t feel like doing It or you have done it already. Going out, chilling, reading, partying, drinking were all fun for sometimes but not when it gets to long. Therefore, this is what used to happen to me every summer and I kind of feel that it will still be with me for more couple of years until I find a proper work. Right now, I am desperately waiting for my summer 1 term of university to finish so I can just travel, breathe and not open my book. The surprising point is that no matter what you do or where you go and how fun things can be. we are humans , we cannot stand something for so long , we need everything to be perfect and fun so we will not get bored , I know this way of thinking would not make sense in couple of years but right now this is the issue that many people as my age are facing these days . but that’s no worries cause we people were born to nag and be unsatisfied for every little thing.

limit to shopping

One thing that does not seem to have any limit can be shopping! FOR me shopping is another life. When you have the money, you rather skip or not spend it on your favorite meals just to be able to go inside the mall and get anything that attracts you the most. My closet is full of clothes and shoes but it just seems that I have nothing to wear whenever I am looking for a specific thing. The best part of shopping to me is buying heels. Different in colors and sizes. They are just so beautiful that makes me buy more. Those louboutins with spikes are crazy and well designed. I mean who wouldn’t like to have pair of those. I am sure everyone agrees on that with me. I love to spend most of my time going around different shops, try different clothes and buy what I like. Most women loves to shop more than men and this is definitely understandable. The variety and choices of products are always more for women. If you look through my closet, I have 55 pairs of shorts, less likely to have dresses and a lot of vintage clothing. One little annoying thing about shopping is that it makes you addicted, regardless of your notice. If I walk down the mall and see a beautiful short. I will definitely buy it even thought I don’t need it ! It is just that because it looks great I must have it! Recently this habit of mine got really sick and pissed me off to the limit that I had nothing else to wear anywhere except shorts! This was quiet funny and annoying at the same time. Shopping is a fun for me and many people like me however if you can manage to not have everything at once then that is the only case it can be a good fun.

The Great Gatsby -Movie

After Titanic and  Romeo, and Juliet, I did not really expect my favorite actor “ Leonardo Dicaprio “ to play in such dramatic and touchy movie. I was not bothered to watch it until I got many comments from my friends about it. Most of the comments were about how amazing the movie was so I did not miss the chance and watched it!. The movie definitely brought tears to my eyes and was geniusly made. The production, camera and sound were incredible. I was amazed that most of the soundtracks were from good singers!Lana Del Rey , Jay Z and Kanye West just killed it, however I heard a lot that the original book that was published way back was so much better than the movie which I think it makes sense. I mean this is the way it’s supposed to be. Books are more complex and they cover almost every little thing that goes around inside the plot. My favorite scenes were Gatsby (Dicaprio) part. I admire his acts and he absolutely is an amazing actor that knows what he is doing. His plays are strong and real that puts audience in to such position that you think you are the character yourself

. The ending was a bit too shocking and I think that was the part where everyone felt speechless. No one was expecting Gatsby to die if they did not know the plot before which in this case I really liked it . It is kind of annoying to see how every movie these days finishes with happy ending so that was a bit of a good change. The movie was classy and well made. I know many of people that does not agree with me. Some people even found it boring and long but according to me, this movie had all the characteristics that a good movie should have. Good director, plot, actors/actresses /and a great production.



healthy lifstyle

Being healthy does not mean being skinny, skinny person might eat as much as a fat person and be thin at the same time, which is due to their genes structure. Anyways what I am going to talk write now is about the ways someone can be healthy. i remember it was exactly three years before that I had a burger or  any kind of fast foods. Well it can be surprising and hard for people but trust me once en you start staying away from it , it will slowly be a habit and soon you wont even want to touch it . I definitely agree that they are absolutely delicious and tasty but I am sure having a beautiful body and a proper health worth’s more than enjoying a meal. One beneficial factor can be sleeping, but sleeping I do not mean spend your whole day sleeping like some people does. Healthy sleep is between seven to nine hours in a day. Secondly exercising that is the best and most effective way of being healthy or loosing weight. People often think going to the gym is the only word to describe exercising but this is completely wrong! Exercising can be anything that can build your body in to action and give you the nothing but benefits, it can increases your stamina, strength, regulates your blood pressure and many more .if people find gym boring, they can try different kinds of sport such as basketball, yoga, swimming, tennis or even a simple jogging. Thirdly, proper diet is what we all should take in to consideration! Diet plays an important role in our daily life. Food is what prepares and builds us for the next time, for this case we should be conscious of what we are putting inside our body. I think balanced diet is the best way to maintain a fit and a healthy lifestyle.

life and music

I’m sure most of the people would face some difficulties if music did not exists

. Whether you are sad, mad, happy, excited, angry, must tend to give you different feelings at different situations. It is a question that many people do not notice but when you notice carefully, you might find its benefits and effects on our daily life. For example, if you feel tired, listening to your favorite artist can be a great help, or a big motivation for partying, dancing or exercising. The world of music is just to complex to simply talk. Researchers have proven that listening to music can be a helpful benefit in changing your mood. People have different taste in music. Some are in to rap, and some in to hip-hop, rock, or heavy mental. every tone can be suitable for specific kind of people. To be less general, I personally cannot go to gym or do any kind of cardio workout without listening to my house music similarly, for doing pushups and other aerobic forms of exercise I tend to listen to low tempo music such as weekend, or drake. Music is known to be good for concentration, memory effects and learning language. it might sound surprising and weird but listening to good music can also help headaches and migraines, develops intelligence and be a good medicine for your heart. Although “good music “is different to every person. The way I look at my favorite artist is definitely different from others. I mostly enjoy every kind of music depending on the situations that I am in. for instance, I can only listen, high tempo, fast or techno music when I am doing something that requires a lot of energy like gym! and any other except jazz and country. To be honest, I cannot imagine what world or how boring this life would look like if music didn’t exists!


art of pole dancing


Português: Rafaela Montanaro pole dancer brasi...

In my opinion pole dancing is one of the best sport in the world. it has been almost 6 months that I started dancing and I have to say it really motivated and inspired me by each and every routine or moves it has. This actually surprised many people because of where and origin of pole dancing started first. It is true that the pole dancing was firstly used by girls in strip clubs and still has a bad reputation for some people. Pole dancer promoters took a lot of time to change people’s old perception of the dance and tried really hard to promote that pole dancing is not an sexual kind of dance. It is an art, exercise and conventional entertainment, similarly, I am sure once you go over it and experience the dance yourself those kinds of thoughts or expression might seem absolutely wrong. Nowadays pole dancing is listed as a sport that requires a lot of strength, flexibility, endurance and athletic moves.


It is a Great form of exercise to be fit and healthy. Not easy for sure, but if you put the required amount of effort, it will definitely be working for everyone. There are also thousands of competitions going on every year or month on pole dancing. Before i start to dance, i used to think it is an easy dance and everyone is able to do it  but once I touched the pole and was asked to only lift my self up on it . I understood that it is not like how it looks.

one creative thing about pole dancing is that, it does not have limit like other form of sports. You can always make up new moves; combos and routine .all famous dancers have specific moves and combos that make them different from others. Each professional dancer creates new routine and this is what makes the dance so unique and different.



Well today I though about writing something on my favorite city Dubai .it is been almost 7 years that I moved here and what made it so special for me is that it has all the great features of an excellent place. I used to live in London and Canada for couple of years and all I can remember was, it is nothing compare to where I am right now.

This place has combination of all nationalities and it is completely suitable for every person, except its hot weather that can be a little annoying sometimes, even though you can always survive the 40 c heat and it is not a big deal of a problem .the word Dubai might sound a little bit to weird when you talk about it to people outside the country.” city of rich peoples” this is the phrase we most likely to hear, when people here the word Dubai.

It is kind of true. Dubai is a rich and elegant city and this could be one of its reason why it is classified as a unique place .In my opinion the city is really calm safe. You are able to freely walk down the areas and hang out with your friends as much as you want without being stressed or scared unlike other unsafe cities.

I remember when I used to live in London, most places were closed by 7 o clock, but in Dubai there is no such rule. Malls are open till 11 and the city looks always bright. People are also really friendly so you would not ever feel like a stranger. Any kind of activities that you might want to try and feel like doing can be found in here .It could be shopping, dining, skiing, skating, or enjoying nightlife events.

It is almost impossible to write down and describe how amazing this city is. I think if a person is deciding to travel to a city for fun. That city is definitely Dubai!